Original First Edition

Binding > Leather (1/3)

  • Leathermemoirs Of Ulysses Grant! (first Edition 1879!)civil War Personal Travel
  • 1754 Don Quixote Spanish Miguel Cervantes Chivalry 6v Set De Saint-martin Art
  • 1708 1ed Hermetic Alchemy Philosophers Stone Occult Triumph Philosophy Limojon
  • 1770 Dictionary Of Religious Cults Delacroix 3v Astrology Pagan Occult Witch
  • 1779 Arthur Collins Peerage Of England Heraldry Coat Of Arms Illustrated 8v Set
  • 1697 China Journey Illustrated Antique Travel Book Rare First Edition Le Compte
  • X Rare Miniature Book Caxton Doll's Prymer Washburn 1939 Lmtd Only 3 Known
  • 1723 1st Ed English Physics Isaac Newton Illustrated Optics By Rohault & Clarke
  • 1579 Mattioli Herbal Illustrated Botany Materia Medica Medicine Dioscorides
  • Signed Easton Press 2v Jurassic Park Lost World Michael Crichton Limited Edition
  • 1634 Rare 1st-ed Learn To Live & Die+woodcuts Antique King James Bible 1611
  • Austin Spare Portfolio + Original Drawing + Aos Cheque + Vera Wainwright Letter
  • Magnificent Last Book Signed By King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi The Shah's Story
  • World History 1700s 39 Ancient Books Leather Set Many Folding Maps Egypt Rome