Original First Edition


  • 1779 Arthur Collins Peerage Of England Heraldry Coat Of Arms Illustrated 8v Set
  • 1697 China Journey Illustrated Antique Travel Book Rare First Edition Le Compte
  • The Yellow Book An Illustrated Quarterly Volume 8 January 1896 / Literature Art
  • 1723 1st Ed English Physics Isaac Newton Illustrated Optics By Rohault & Clarke
  • 1579 Mattioli Herbal Illustrated Botany Materia Medica Medicine Dioscorides
  • 1686 1ed Buccaneers In America Pirates Of Caribbean Exquemelin Illustrated
  • 1597 1st John Gerarde Herball Plants English Herbal Illustrated Stirpium Botany
  • 1486 Anton Koberger Incunabula Holy Bible Nuremberg Illustrated Lyra Commentary