Original First Edition

Occult (1/2)

  • 1619 Exorcism Manual Satan Demon Possession Occult Witchcraft Zacharia Visconti
  • 1770 Dictionary Of Religious Cults Delacroix 3v Astrology Pagan Occult Witch
  • Aleister Crowley, The Diary Of A Drug Fiend, 1923, First Ed, Occult, Thelema
  • 1873 Secret Book Of Black Arts Magic Alchemy Occult Witchcraft Rare 1st Edition
  • Harry Houdini's Copy, 1852, 1st Edition, Magic And Witchcraft, Occult, History
  • Demoniality Incubi Succubi Sinistrari 1st 1879 Witchcraft Demonology Rare Occult
  • 1618 1ed Exorcism Manual Demon Possession Occult Esoteric Satan Carlo Oliverio
  • 1578 Exorcisms Demonology Occult Demon Possession Menghi Flagellum Daemonum
  • Occult 1696 Miscellanies John Aubrey Omens Magick Abracadabra Apparitions Spells
  • Rare Book Light Of Egypt 1889 1st Occult Hermetic Brotherhood Luxor Burgoyne
  • 1698 Oracle Of Sibyls Comiers Fortune Kabbalah Prophecy Occult Pagan Mysticism
  • The New Equinox, Vol 4 No 2, Thelema, Occult, Aleister Crowley, Magick, 1979
  • 1782 Albertus Magnus Secrets Herbal Cures Magic Potions Occult Sciences Alchemy
  • 1934, 1st, Magica Sexualis, Mystic Love Books Of Black Arts, Occult, Laurent