Original First Edition


  • 1592 De Sortilegiis & De Lamiis Grillandus Witchcraft Extremely Rare
  • 1884 First Edition Letters On Demonology And Witchcraft By Walter Scott Vintage
  • 1667 Diocese Of Cologne Witchcraft Occult Sorcery Witch Hunts Catholic Church
  • Bizarre Occult Dreams Idol Witchcraft Indian Magic Pagan Worship Drug Nature 666
  • 1564 Weyer Johann De Praestigiis Daemonum Exorcism Book Demon Witchcraft
  • 1619 Exorcism Manual Satan Demon Possession Occult Witchcraft Zacharia Visconti
  • 1873 Secret Book Of Black Arts Magic Alchemy Occult Witchcraft Rare 1st Edition
  • Harry Houdini's Copy, 1852, 1st Edition, Magic And Witchcraft, Occult, History
  • Demoniality Incubi Succubi Sinistrari 1st 1879 Witchcraft Demonology Rare Occult
  • 1849 Salem Witchcraft Margaret Smith Journal Massachusetts Bay 1678 1st Ed
  • Rare 1891 Salem Witchcraft In Outline, Caroline Upham, Witch Trials Occult, 1st
  • 1586 Les Bigarrures Of Tabourot Witches Sorcery Occult Secrets Witchcraft Magic