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  • David Hamilton By David Hamilton French Edition La Martiniere
  • (1860) Silver Clasps Chromolithographs Gauffered Missal Bible Antique Gift
  • 1677 Spiritual Warfare Combat Lorenzo Scupoli Catholic Angels Demons Sin
  • 1739 1st Ed Pluche Astronomy Astrology Cosmogony Occult Egyptian Mythology Pagan
  • 1754 Don Quixote Spanish Miguel Cervantes Chivalry 6v Set De Saint-martin Art
  • Handwritten Merchant Trader Manuscript In Medieval Illuminated Vellum Binding
  • 1708 1ed Hermetic Alchemy Philosophers Stone Occult Triumph Philosophy Limojon
  • 1770 Dictionary Of Religious Cults Delacroix 3v Astrology Pagan Occult Witch
  • 1579 Mattioli Herbal Illustrated Botany Materia Medica Medicine Dioscorides
  • World History 1700s 39 Ancient Books Leather Set Many Folding Maps Egypt Rome
  • 1846 1st American Ed The Count Of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Rare & Exquisite
  • 1854 1st Ed Alchemy & Alchemists Hermetic Occult Science Figuier Philosophy
  • 1779 1st Ed Lost City Of Atlantis With Plato Astronomy Voltaire Bailly Map Of Asia
  • 1586 Les Bigarrures Of Tabourot Witches Sorcery Occult Secrets Witchcraft Magic