Original First Edition

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  • 1578 Albertus Magnus Paradisus Animae Ethics Metaphysics In Medieval Manuscript
  • 1619 Exorcism Manual Satan Demon Possession Occult Witchcraft Zacharia Visconti
  • 1460 Refined Pontifical Illuminated In The Workshop Of Dalemagna And Crivelli
  • 1618 1ed Exorcism Manual Demon Possession Occult Esoteric Satan Carlo Oliverio
  • 1492 Bernardus Silvestris + Bernard Of Clairvaux Incunable Medieval Manuscript
  • 1578 Exorcisms Demonology Occult Demon Possession Menghi Flagellum Daemonum
  • 1698 Oracle Of Sibyls Comiers Fortune Kabbalah Prophecy Occult Pagan Mysticism
  • 1598 Aristotle On Plants Scaliger Botany Marburg Medieval Manuscript Binding
  • 1682 Biblia Sacra Vulgate Holy Bible Cologne Netherlands Sixtus V Clement Viii
  • Lucan's Pharsalia And The Tragedies Of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, 1612, Rare, Latin
  • 1667 1ed Kircher On Magnetism Magnet Occult Science Physics Phenomena Magneticum
  • 1589 Magiae Naturalis By Porta Magic Alchemy Poison Gunpowder Occult Witches
  • 1491 Plutarch Parallel Lives Incunable Cicero Hannibal Plato Aristotle Homer
  • 1486 Anton Koberger Incunabula Holy Bible Nuremberg Illustrated Lyra Commentary