Original First Edition

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  • 1882 1ed Grimm Fairy Tales Snow White Rapunzel Illustrated Walter Crane Art
  • 6v Easton Press The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Gibbon Limited Edition
  • 3v Folio Society The Lord Of The Rings Jrr Tolkien Collectors Limited Edition
  • Anna Sewell Black Beauty First Uk Edition 1877 Jarrold And Son 1st Book
  • 1564 Weyer Johann De Praestigiis Daemonum Exorcism Book Demon Witchcraft
  • Rare 1sted 1913 Secret Doctrine In Israel Zohar Kabal Cosmology Occult Sciences
  • 1708 1ed Hermetic Alchemy Philosophers Stone Occult Triumph Philosophy Limojon
  • 1835 1ed Ritual Freemasonry Secrets William Morgan Murder Masonic Allyn
  • Aleister Crowley, Moonchild, 1929, First Edition, Original Dj By Beresford Egan
  • 1893 1ed Old Rabbit Voodoo Black Americana Slavery Missouri Indian Magic Sorcery
  • 1770 Dictionary Of Religious Cults Delacroix 3v Astrology Pagan Occult Witch
  • The Yellow Book An Illustrated Quarterly Volume 8 January 1896 / Literature Art
  • Andrew Lang'the Olive Fairy Book'. Longmans, Green, & Co London 1907 1st Ed
  • 1723 1st Ed English Physics Isaac Newton Illustrated Optics By Rohault & Clarke