Original First Edition

Subject > History

  • 1578 Albertus Magnus Paradisus Animae Ethics Metaphysics In Medieval Manuscript
  • The Harvard Classics! (first Edition!) Complete Set In 52 Volumes! Orange! Rare
  • World History 1700s 39 Ancient Books Leather Set Many Folding Maps Egypt Rome
  • 1698 Oracle Of Sibyls Comiers Fortune Kabbalah Prophecy Occult Pagan Mysticism
  • Rare 1891 Salem Witchcraft In Outline, Caroline Upham, Witch Trials Occult, 1st
  • The Black Plague! 1665 Pandemic Great (first Edition! 1720) Virus Epidemic Rare
  • Rare First Edition Of Benjamin Franklin Epitaph! Ames' Almanack Poor Richard 1771
  • Mushrooms Russia And History Wasson Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms Psilocibin Rare
  • 1491 Plutarch Parallel Lives Incunable Cicero Hannibal Plato Aristotle Homer
  • Declaration Of Independence Benjamin Tyler First Print With Facsimile Signatures