Original First Edition

Hardcover (1/8)

  • Ali & Nino A Novel By Kurban Said Stated First Edition 1970 Bintage Hardcover
  • Happy Sun Day Karl De Haan True First Edition 1969 Sue Female Nudes Hardcover
  • Jimmy Sangster Touchfeather 1966 First Edition Hardcover
  • 1955 The Estate Of The Beckoning Lady Margery Allingham Hardcover Dj 1st Edition
  • Rawhide Rhymes By S. Omar Barker 1968 First Edition Hardcover Dust Jacket
  • The Tattooist By Albert L. Morse First Edition Hardcover With Dust Sleeve Rare
  • Not For Love By Alice Duer Miller (1937 Hardcover) First Edition
  • Return Of The Jedi By James Kahn First Edition 1st Hardcover Printing 1983 Bc
  • The Aftermath Of Glory By James Henry Rice, Jr. (1934 Hardcover) First Edition
  • Walter Erben / Marc Chagall First Edition 1957 Hardcover With Dust Jacket
  • My Book Of Bible Stories 1978 Stated First Edition Watchtower Hardcover
  • Signed First Edition 1939 Bonanza Inn Oscar Lewis & Carroll Hall Hardcover Wear
  • Beauty Behind Barbed Wire By Allen H. Eaton 1952 Hardcover Harper & Brothers
  • He Was Not My Son By Madeleine Joye (1954 Hardcover) English First Edition