Original First Edition

John (1/4)

  • Setting Free The Bears By John Irvin 1968 First Edition First Printing
  • 10 Vol Set The Corridors Of Time Harold Peake Herbert John Fleure First Edition
  • Licklog Holler By John Harty, First Edition Hardback Withdj (east Missouri Osarks)
  • Naology, John Dudley, 1846, First Edition, 3/4 Leather
  • John Warren / The Conchologist 1st Edition 1834 Americana
  • John Updike / Roger's Version First Edition 1986
  • Christmas Rarities By John L Lightner
  • John Dickson Carr The Three Coffins Rare 1935 1st Edition/1st Printing
  • A Bundle Of Myrrh By John G. Neihardt 1907 1st Edition Outing Press Deposit, Ny
  • Last Night In Twisted River By John Irving Signed Jsa/coa Authentication 1st Ed
  • Le Carré Omnibus By John Le Carré, First Edition, 1964
  • John A Steuart / The Immortal Lover A Burns Romance First Edition 1919
  • Vison The Mink John Jean George Stated First Edition Hardcover Dust Jacket
  • The Sacred Canons 2 Vol. Set John Abbo Inscribed Hbdj 1952 1st Edition Withsupp