Original First Edition

Year Printed > 1968 (1/2)

  • J H Prynne / Kitchen Poems 1st Edition 1968 (paperback)
  • Setting Free The Bears By John Irvin 1968 First Edition First Printing
  • Muneshige Narazaki Masterworks Of Ukiyo-e First Edition 1968 Third Print 1972
  • Howard Sackler / The Great White Hope First Edition 1968 Literature G3
  • Charities And Social Aid In Greece And Rome, A. R. Hands, 1968 First Edition
  • Rawhide Rhymes By S. Omar Barker 1968 First Edition Hardcover Dust Jacket
  • Dieter Roth Diter Roth 246 Little Clouds First Edition 1968
  • 1968 Vintage Inside Outside Upside Down, Stan & Jan Berenstain Book Club 1st Yz
  • First Uk Edition Larry Niven World Of Ptavvs Macdonald Science Fiction 1968
  • Timothy Leary, High Priest 1968 First Edition 1st Printing
  • 1968 H. P. Lovecraft First Uk Edition The Lurker At The Threshold Signed
  • Setting Free The Bears By John Irving 1968 First Edition First Printing
  • John Irving / Setting Free The Bears Signed 1st Edition 1968
  • A Fan's Notes A Fictional Memoir By Frederick Exley 1st 1968 First Edition