Original First Edition

Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX

Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX
Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX

Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX    Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX

Furby Figure Talking Interactive Toy. Most commonly known as the. Is able to "say" more than.

Will use both Furbish and English to communicate. For ages 6 and up. Brand New - Sealed on both top and bottom. Never Opened Original Factory Box. This is the real McCoy, extremely rare, and virtually impossible to find.

Dont let this be the one that got away. NOTE: This is the last one of these I have. When its gone - its gone! Pp10 yt32 cr11 up [151004]. This Furby electronic toy is a rare Vintage Collectors item which is almost virtually impossible and difficult to find. This toy is no longer manufactured so you will not find this on any store shelf. This listing if for one brand new original Tiger Electronics interactive talking. Edition toy (model number 70-800) in the color black and gray. I have also heard of this being referred to as a Furby owl. The original box is factory sealed with clear plastic tape on both top and bottom and intact. This item did not come with batteries from the factory (and are not included in sale), so there are no worries about battery leakage. It has gray eyes and white inner ears. This Furby toy has never been taken out of the original factory carton and the Furby and box are both in MINT condition, except for a small minor dented area in the middle of the plastic part of the display box. The original tape used from the factory is still intact to keep the top and bottom of display box closed completely sealed - tape has never been broken or cut through.

New, that all instructions papers and the Furbish English dictionary is enclosed in the package as with all new Furbies but since this has never been opened, I cannot verify that fact. The plastic hanging tag is attached to the side of this Furby. The box copyrighted date is 1999 UPC: 050626006603. When you first pull Furby out of the box, he speaks his own language, Furbish, then he gradually begins speaking English.

Part robot, part animatronic, part fur, and part love, Furby took the toy world by storm. Furby was re-released in 2005 in a run including Emoto-Tronic Furby (Furby, Baby Furby, and Funky Furby).

Emoto-Tronic Furby was much larger than the original classic Furby. Furby was once again retired in 2007. Furby was also available as a plush non-talking "beanie baby" type pet called Furby Buddy / Furby Buddies.

A Furby is "your emo-tronic friend, " according to Hasbro's Furby Care Guide. The interactive toy has four sensors and a microphone; it responds to having its back rubbed or its tummy tickled, being fed and being tilted from side to side or upside down. It also responds to 10 commands, provided that you speak them exactly as they're written in the manual. A Furby (plural Furbys or Furbies) was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Its speaking capabilities were translated into 24 languages.

Furbies were the first successful attempt to produce and sell a domestically-aimed robot. English is learned automatically, and no matter what culture they are nurtured in, they learn English. In 2005, new Furbies were released, with voice-recognition and more complex facial movements, and many other changes and improvements. Nicknames were given to them, and sellers assigned rarity values to them. Some people continue to call their Furbies by the terms'wedding Furby','tuxedo Furby','snowball Furby','biker Furby', among others.

All, of course, were dubbed rare by sellers, because they were so hard to find at the time and even harder in todays markets. You are certainly NOT going to find such toys as this on any retail shelf so grab this amazing toy while you can! Great vintage collectible gift offering great fun and conversation.

Tiger Electronics has been part of the Hasbro toy company since 1998. Hasbro, previously shy of high-tech toys, was very interested in the development of the cuddly "Furby". With Hasbro's support, Tiger was able to rush through the development process and get the Furby on the shelves for the 1998 holiday season, during which it was a runaway hit -- the "it" toy of the 1998 and 1999 seasons.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this wonderful creative Furby. It would be the ultimate present for yourself or that special Furby collector in your life. Learning to use a Furby is fast and fun, leaving you more time to get to know your electronic pet.

Your Furby robotic toy uses five sensors to interpret your interactions with it. The light sensor, located just above Furby's eyes, allows Furby to know whether it is day or night. The front sensor, located on the stomach, lets you make Furby laugh by playfully tickling his tummy. Furby's inside sensor lets him know when he has been picked up or turned upside down.

The sensor located on Furby's back allows you to give him affection by rubbing or petting him. The sound sensor, located under Furby's left ear, allows Furby to hear and interpret sounds and commands.

Before you can play with your Furby you will first have to perform a basic setup. Begin by turning your Furby upside down and installing four AA batteries in Furby's battery compartment. While Furby is upside down, hold down his tongue switch and press the "Reset" button. This will cause Furby to wake up and tell you his name.

Your Furby is ready for play. Your Furby will go through four developmental stages before his programming is complete. When your Furby is new it will speak only its native language of Furbish.

During the first developmental stage, your Furby will be getting to know you and helping teach you how to take care of him. The second and third developmental stages are transition stages where Furby begins to learn English. The fourth developmental stage is Furby's "mature" stage, where he will begin to speak both English and Furbish, as well as follow commands. Proper care and maintenance will help ensure that your Furby is functioning at its best. Care and maintenance for your Furby includes keeping him clean and dry.

If your Furby needs to be cleaned, use a soft cloth dampened with a solution of mild soap and water to clean his fur. Should your Furby be immersed in water, remove the batteries and dry him with a hair dryer before inserting new batteries. If your Furby fails to respond to commands or appears to be malfunctioning, you may need to perform a reset. You can reset your Furby by pressing the "Reset" button or removing the batteries from Furby's battery compartment.

After a reset, your Furby will remember his name, as well as all of the tricks you have taught him. If, after performing a reset, your Furby is still malfunctioning, try replacing the batteries in your Furby. If, after replacing the batteries, your Furby still does not function properly, you will have to perform a restart. To restart your Furby, hold him upside down while pressing his mouth switch, then press the "Reset" button. This will restore your Furby's programming to factory settings.

Visit the following links for more interesting reading about Furbies and their ability to speak. The more you play with me, the more I do! I will keep amazing you!

I speak my own language.. Grey and black Furby with white inner ears.

Eye color is light gray. Requires (4) AA batteries, not included. Outer box may have minor shelf-ware. I can wiggle my ears, blink my eyes & move my mouth.

You can teach me to do tricks. I can dance or I can communicate with other Furbies and teach them games, songs and tricks. Love me and I'll love you back. So, let us play together!

Some Furbys are grey, and others are white. Some Furbys are black, as black as night. Some have tails, and others manes. Some of stature, big of heart, all Furbys are so very smart.

They speak a language all their own, for furbish is a language quite unknown. Furbys need may-may (love) and may-lay (hugs) and they wee-tee (sing) and loo-loo (joke). So, when you take a Furby home, you will never be alone. The more you play, the more they do. Furby will keep amazing you!

"Noh-lah" (dance) and "wee-tee" (sing), "e-tah/e-tah" (yeah-yeah); Furbys have come for "u-nye" (you) and "kah" (me). Choking hazard: Not for children under 3 years. What are you waiting for? Better refresh this page because someone else may have started reading before you and already bought this. To ensure you get this item! The downside of Watch this item.

Don't just be a watcher. Get in the game, make me an offer, make my day - No reasonable offer refused.

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  1. Brand: Tiger Electronics
  2. Character Family: Furby
  3. MPN: 70-800
  4. Recommended Age Range: 3 - Adult
  5. Gender: Boys & Girls
  6. Model: 70-800
  7. Ages: Three to Adult

Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX    Original First Edition Tiger Electronics Furby Model 70-800 NEW IN SEALED BOX