Original First Edition

Year Printed > 1911

  • Mrs Belloc Lowndes / Jane Oglander First Edition 1911
  • Philistine And Genius. Boris Sidis. 1911. First Edition/ Third Printing
  • Exrare 1st 1911 Art Nouveau/jugendstil/secession Color Plates By Lefler & Urban
  • Mother West Wind's Children First Edition Year 1911 By Thornton W Burgess
  • First Edition 1911 Little Journeys John B. Stetson Elbert Hubbard Roycrofters
  • Edith Wharton Ethan Frome 1st Edition 1st Printing 1911
  • W Y Evans Wentz 1st Edition 1911 The Fairy-faith In Celtic Countries Hardcover
  • 1911 Original Print 1st Edition Historical Review Arkansas 3 Volumes History
  • Gertrude Bacon / How Men Fly First Edition 1911
  • Peter And Wendy Original 1st Issue Jacket 1911 J. M. Barrie 1st Edition Fine
  • Manual Of Occultism Sepharial 1st, 1911 Divination Alchemy Magick Astrology
  • Sepharial A Manual Of Occultism 1st Ed. 1911 Astrology Alchemy Magic Rare Occult
  • 1911 Fairy-faith In Celtic Countries King Arthur Merlin Stonehenge Magic Elves