Original First Edition


  • 1708 1ed Hermetic Alchemy Philosophers Stone Occult Triumph Philosophy Limojon
  • 1873 Secret Book Of Black Arts Magic Alchemy Occult Witchcraft Rare 1st Edition
  • Manual Of Occultism Sepharial 1st, 1911 Divination Alchemy Magick Astrology
  • 1782 Albertus Magnus Secrets Herbal Cures Magic Potions Occult Sciences Alchemy
  • 1854 1st Ed Alchemy & Alchemists Hermetic Occult Science Figuier Philosophy
  • Sepharial A Manual Of Occultism 1st Ed. 1911 Astrology Alchemy Magic Rare Occult
  • 1712 Apologie By Naude Magic Sorcery Alchemy Occult Paracelsus Merlin Agrippa
  • 1589 Magiae Naturalis By Porta Magic Alchemy Poison Gunpowder Occult Witches
  • Extremely Rare Book, 1786, German, Occult, Illuminati, Alchemy, Hermetic Arts