Original First Edition

Subject > Military & War

  • Antique Rare Book, Friedrich Der Grosse, Berlin 1927, First Edition, 26 Maps
  • Weapon Of Silence. Theodore F. Koop. 1946. First Edition. No Dj. Scarce
  • 1951 From Here To Eternity By James Jones First Edition
  • A Soldier's Story By Omar N. Bradley 1951 (signed)
  • The Anatomy Of Revolution By Crane Brinton Revised Edition First Printing1952 Hc
  • To Hell And Back Audie Murphy First Edition 4th Printing 1949 Wwii Hc Dj
  • Civil War First Edition The Campaign Of Fredericksburg Nov Dec 1862 Henderson
  • Original 1861 The Life Of Nathaniel Greene First Edition By W Gilmore Simms Esq
  • 1885 Personal Memoirs Of U. S. Grant First Edition Fine Leather Bindings
  • The Commercial Future Of Baghdad / First Edition 1917
  • The Historical War Map / First Edition 1864
  • Personal Memoirs Of U. S. Grant 1885-86 1st Edition In Two Vol. Civil War Military
  • 1735 History Of Spanish Conquest Of Mexico Solis Aztec Hernan Cortes Montezuma