Original First Edition

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  • Rockefeller Internationalist The Man Who Misrules The World 1952 First Edition
  • R W Mcneel / Beating The Stock Market 1st Edition 1921
  • Short Reflections Upon The Present State Of Affairs In England More 1st Ed 1691
  • Vintage An American Bible 1918 Leather Bound First Edition Elebert Hubbard
  • The Aftermath Of Glory By James Henry Rice, Jr. (1934 Hardcover) First Edition
  • Rare 1st American Ed! The Diary Of A Young Girl-anne Frank
  • Rare 1st Edition 1941 Not Without Peril Marguerite Allis Hb Withdust Cover
  • Beauty Behind Barbed Wire By Allen H. Eaton 1952 Hardcover Harper & Brothers
  • Katharine Graham Autographed Personal History Hardcover Book First Edition
  • Duvalier Caribbean Cyclone History Of Haiti Jean-pierre O. Gingras First Edition
  • The Role Of The Balian Family In Ottoman Architecture First Edition In English
  • 1847 Seven Letters On Politics In Switzerland G. Grote Author's Presentation 1st
  • Lunar Impact A History Of Project Ranger, 1977, First Edition Hardcover
  • The Choates In America 1643-1896 E. O. Jameson 1896 First Edition Scarce