Original First Edition

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  • Warren Commission Report 26 Volume First Edition 1964 John Kennedy Assassination
  • 1849 1sted Nineveh And Its Remains Chaldeans Babylon Ancient Assyria Illustrated
  • National Geographic Volume 1 Issue 1 Very Rare Original Not Reprint
  • 1737 History Knights Templar Hospitaller Crusades Malta Rhodes Ottoman 5v Vertot
  • 1688-1750 Parchment Manuscripts Book Compendium Of Antique Documents
  • 1521 Lucius Florus History Rome Livy Froben Aldus Giunta Latin Ab Urbe Condita
  • 1769 Tissot Horrors Of Masturbation Medicine Swiss Sexuality Onanism Coitus
  • 1350 Huge Original Handwritten Medieval Vellum Manuscript Free Express Withwide
  • 1664 1st Ed Livy Ab Urbe Condita History Of Rome Augustus Caesar Elzevir 3v Set
  • 1880 Scarlet Book Of Freemasonry Masonic History Of Masons
  • First English Edition Of Josephus! (printed In 1602!) Ancient History Bible Jews
  • 1578 Albertus Magnus Paradisus Animae Ethics Metaphysics In Medieval Manuscript
  • The Harvard Classics! (first Edition!) Complete Set In 52 Volumes! Orange! Rare
  • World History 1700s 39 Ancient Books Leather Set Many Folding Maps Egypt Rome