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  • The Herbalist And Herb Doctor By Joseph E. Meyer 1918 First Edition
  • Silent Spring Rachel Carson First Edition 1st Edition Dust Jacket
  • 1807 Medical First Lines Practice Physic Cullen First American Edition
  • Very Rare England's Happiness Improved 1697 First Ed Book Wine Spirits Etc
  • 1577 1st Ed Astrology Occult Celestial Astronomy Paradoxa Sexuality Mizauld
  • 1680 Herbal Medicine Pharmacology Bauhin Plants Botany Remedies Apothecary Opium
  • 1657 Clocks Watches Gnomonics Horology Navigation Time Sundials Constellations
  • Schott Physica Curiosa Monster Angel Demon 2 Vol. 57 Plates 1st. Edition 1662
  • Complete Set Of Howard Eckels Embalming Series Books 9 Volumes 1922
  • Psychosurgery By Walter Freeman & James Watts First Edition 1942 Lobotomy
  • 1723 1st Ed English Physics Isaac Newton Illustrated Optics By Rohault & Clarke
  • Gray's Anatomy Descriptive & Surgical! (first Edition! 1858)medical Surgery Rare
  • On The Origin Of Species 1st Us Printing 1st State 1860 Charles Darwin 2 Quotes
  • On The Origin Of Species Charles Darwin First American Edition 1st Issue 1860