Original First Edition

Subject > Philosophy

  • C. G. Harrison The Fourth Mystery Birth And Death First Edition Hc
  • 1846, First Edition, Outlines Of Nature, By Oliver Smith, Philosophy, Science
  • 1806 Xenophontis De Cyri Institutione Libri Octo (first Edition)
  • Alfred North Whitehead / Process And Reality 1st Edition 1929
  • Early Greek Philosophy & Other Essays Rare 1st Edition Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Being And Nothingness, 1st Edition (us English), Jean-paul Sartre, 1956, Hc Dj
  • Anarchy State And Utopia Libertarianism By Robert Nozick First Edition 1974 Hcdj
  • The Delphian Course Liberal Arts, Parts 7,8,9 First Edition, 1913 Drama, Prose
  • Timothy Leary, High Priest 1968 First Edition 1st Printing
  • The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol From A To B First Edition 1st Printing Signed
  • Art Magic Spiritism Antique Occult Book 1898 Philosophy 1st Ed Pagan Alchemy
  • 6v Easton Press The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Gibbon Limited Edition
  • 1854 1st Ed Alchemy & Alchemists Hermetic Occult Science Figuier Philosophy